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CDS Co., Ltd. Environmental Policy

With regard to our pursuit of global business endeavors, we will continue to strive to always maintain an awareness of the environment on a global scale through local regions, and, based on the policy below, pursue activities that lead to the creation of a sustainable society.

01. Application of environmental management system

We will strive to conserve the global environment through application of environmental management systems.

02. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We will comply with legislation and other such requirements regarding the environment, and promote environmental conservation.

03. Reducing environmental impact

In order to reduce our environmental impact, we will strive to conserve resources and energy, limit waste, and recycle.

04. Promoting environmentally-conscious business activities

We will promote proposals for the provision of environmentally-conscious services in our business activities.

05. Establishment of management system and continuous improvement

We will check what has been achieved and aim for continuous improvement after building an environmental management system and setting objectives and targets.

06. Promotion of environmental education and awareness activities

We will disseminate this policy to all executives and employees at CDS, conduct education and awareness activities, and aim to improve environmental awareness.

07. Disclosure of environmental policy

We will provide extensive disclosure of this policy and our environmental initiatives via posts on our website.

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification

At CDS, we pursue ongoing environmental protection activities, seeking to create a better environment through environmentally-conscious business activities.
As a result, CDS was awarded the international standard ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems (covering the Tokyo, Nagoya, Kansai, and Hiroshima branches) on November 21, 2003.

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