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Extend the system integrator base while creating next-generation production technology, through manufacturing and human resource development

FA Robot Solutions are developed by BYNAS, a group company.

We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide support in manufacturing workplaces in a broad range of industries, via "Monozukuri (manufacturing)" with robot automation systems, and via "Hitozukuri (human resource development)" with industrial education and vocational training materials, and the digital transformation human resource and education center.

We help update and upgrade manufacturing workplaces through adaptable support, based on established manufacturing technology and know-how.



A pioneer possessing a high level of technical skill and know-how, boasting an extensive installation track record

System development of robot automation system design, manufacturing and installation of peripheral equipment and operation checks remain extremely complex, and as yet there are only a few companies in Japan that specialize in this field.
As a pioneer in this domain, BYNAS brings the know-how and high level of technical prowess it has accumulated over many years, and possesses an extensive installation track record.
Our R&D center exhibits robot applications that combine various Japanese and international robots, advanced vision sensors, and peripheral devices. We can give you a sense of what the installation will be like by viewing actual examples delivered to customers.
We also have a rich track record of AMR application installation. We have established our AMR Test Field Center and Collaborative Robot Selection Center to simulate factory workplaces that are being reviewed for adoption, and enable verification using actual equipment.
It allows us to simulate the best combinations for actual system adoption, such as workflow lines, optimal device number and selection of AMR/collaborative robots to meet the workplace requirements.
When discussing robot system installation, few businesses actually have a concrete vision of how far they want to take automation, and we often advise companies when they have only a vague idea about their installation. In the course of discussions, we offer proposals for how their systems might take shape.


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