Conveying the Feelings and Emotions behind Manufacturing

CDS Co., Ltd., gives form to the feelings and emotions that underlie manufacturing.

Applying an in-depth understanding of products and the art of craftsmanship to the creation of a broad range of document media encompassing everything from documentation through to video production. We are also proactive in applying our years of achievement and experience to the technical assistance we offer in the workplace.

About us

A powerful partner for
manufacturing businesses
in all three business domains

A documentation business that communicates the intents and desires behind the development of new products to end users.
An engineering business that transforms and supports the workplace with reliable technical capabilities in response to the demands of the times.
An IT solutions business specialized in every aspect of manufacturing engineering from systems development through to analysis work.
CDS Co., Ltd. is a powerful partner for manufacturing businesses in all three business domains.




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Each professional group that specializes in their own line of work brings forth an overwhelming group benefit and synergy


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