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Information security - base policy

CDS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company) will take company-wide initiatives for information security to protect information assets from threats such as accidents, disasters and criminal activity, and prove ourself worthy of the trust of customers and society.

1. Management responsibility

Under the guidance of management, the Company will strive to improve information security on a systematic and continuous basis.

2. Establishment of internal systems

The Company will establish a system to improve and maintain information security, and establish information security countermeasures.

3. Employee initiatives

Company employees will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for information security, and put our information security initiatives on a firm basis.

4. Compliance with laws and ordinances and contractual requirements

The Company will comply with laws and ordinances, regulations, standards, and contractual obligations related to information security.

5.Support for contraventions and accidents

The Company will respond appropriately and take preventive measures in the event of a contravention of laws, breach of contract or accident related to information security.


1. Basic policy on the protection of personal information

To further improve customer trust, CDS conforms to laws concerning the protection of personal information (Personal Information Protection Law) and any other related laws, regulations and guidelines. We work diligently to appropriately handle and safely manage personal information.

1. We will appropriately collect, use and provide personal information.
2. We will protect personal information from illegal access, loss and disclosure, etc.
3. We will conform to laws, regulations, standards and internal regulations, etc., related to personal information.
4. We will work diligently to continuously make improvements to protect personal information.

2. Collecting and checking personal information

This website does not collect personal information from the customer without their consent. When personal information is collected, it will be collected using means that are legal and fair in an appropriate range.

3.Purpose for using personal information

Any personal information entered will be used for the necessary purpose of responding to customer inquiries or similar matters.

4.Providing personal information

As a general rule, CDS will never disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the person to which the information belongs. When providing personal information to a third party, we will first obtain the consent of the person concerned, and then provide the information within the limits of the purpose it was collected.

However, this is not applicable for the following cases.
・When the information is requested by a government or public agency such as the police
・When subject to application of the law

Furthermore, we may disclose user statistical information when explaining our services to an associate company, advertiser or other third party or for some other legitimate purpose (this information is not personal information, but general information used to show trends for all users).

5.Implementing safety measures

CDS will implement safety measures to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information and will make improvements when necessary while preventing illegal access to personal information, loss of personal information, damage, falsification or disclosure, etc.

6.Conforming to laws, regulations and standards

CDS will conform to laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and any other standards to achieve reliable protection of personal information.

7.Continuous improvement to the methods used to manage personal information

CDS will review the methods used to manage personal information and improve them continuously.

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When using this website

Before using the website (hereafter "this website") managed and operated by CDS Co., Ltd. (hereafter "CDS"), please read through the following conditions of use and only use this website after agreeing to said conditions. CDS may change the conditions of use for this website. In such cases, the new conditions of use will apply after the change.

1.Copyright and trademark rights

(1)Copyright for copyrighted work including programs, sounds, video, photos and documents appearing on this website (hereafter "content") resides with CDS, the original copyright holder or any other rightful holder. It is prohibited by law to duplicate or transfer, etc., any of the content without permission except in such cases as permitted for private use or by other laws.
(2)The corporation name, CDS trademarks and logo marks used on this website belong to CDS. Use of these items without permission is prohibited by law. Accordingly, please contact CDS and acquire permission before attempting to use such items.


(1)Details of links from this website or links to this website on websites (hereafter "link websites") belonging to third parties other than CDS are each managed by the companies responsible for them and are not under the control of CDS. Therefore, CDS will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to you as a result of any of these link websites.
(2)Links to this website from link websites does not mean that CDS recommends the use of the link websites or the products, services and companies, etc., listed on the link websites. Furthermore, such links do not constitute any special relations such as an affiliation between CDS and the link websites.
(3)Please contact the CDS Corporate Planning Department using the "Inquiries regarding CDS" form if you wish to link to this website.

3.Recommended browser

Using a browser other those recommended may result in the website displaying incorrectly. If the website does not display correctly, upgrade the web browser you are using or use another recommended web browser.

Google Chrome latest version
Microsoft Edge
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Additionally, JavaScript is used in some of the content on the website. Viewing the website in an environment that does not use JavaScript, or in which JavaScript is not activated may cause the website to display incorrectly. Please activate JavaScript in your browser settings.

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1.Published information

We work hard to keep information provided on this website accurate and up-to-date but do not guarantee that it is complete. CDS will not be held responsible for any errors or missing information related to the website.
Furthermore, CDS will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to you for any reason related to issues such as data falsified by a third party or data downloads, etc.

2.Operation of this website

Operation of this website may be suspended or canceled, or the contents may be changed without notice. Furthermore, this website may not be used normally in some cases due to the state of your communications environment or computer, or for other reasons. CDS will not be held responsible for any trouble, loss, or damage incurred to you in such cases.

3.Use of investor relations information

Investor relations information is published on this website for the purpose of providing information on the financial affairs and managerial indicators of CDS Co., Ltd. (hereafter "CDS"). However, no declarations or assurances are offered regarding this content. Furthermore, CDS does not publish information on this website to solicit investment. When making investments, CDS asks that you refrain from making judgments based completely on the information on this website, and instead make decisions regarding investment yourself.

Forecasts for the future
Some of the information published on this website includes descriptions of future achievements. These descriptions are not an assurance of future achievements and may contain uncertain or risky content. Please be aware that said descriptions of future achievements may differ from actual results due to changes in circumstances, etc.

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