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Each integrated technical information management company that specializes
in their own line of work brings forth
an overwhelming group benefit and synergy


The CDS Group is a collection of highly specialized companies.
With CDS Co., Ltd. at its center, the group is composed of Torindo Co., Ltd., which provides one-stop solutions from document production to multilingual translation, PMC Co., Ltd., which provides digital content solutions, SB TRADUCTION, which performs multilingual translation and software localization, BYNAS Co., Ltd., which performs factory automation (FA) engineering such as for robots, and MCOR Co., Ltd., which develops integrated digital solutions.

Each company demonstrates their ability in their specialized field while working on projects as part of the CDS Group to provide the best solution to meet our customers' needs.

In particular, CDS, BYNAS and MCOR collaborate on factory automation robot solutions, and are effective in creating new synergy for the manufacturing process, which includes the design and manufacture of production equipment that utilizes factory automation robot technology.

The group also makes full use of its capabilities in the generative AI and digital transformation that companies are adopting, to provide total support for the customer's manufacturing process by having the right people in the right place.

Supporting the production
floor and helping as a partner

Each company, possessing its own individual strength by specializing in its own line of work, creates synergy in the form of a group to extend our business and areas in which we can provide solutions while always keeping this concept in mind.

Using the group's combined strengths and characteristics, as well as our experience accumulated over the years and future initiatives, we help as a partner by listening to the manufacturer's opinions at the first available moment when they develop a product. This is what we enjoy and makes our job worthwhile.
We will transcend the group and the business and continue to work on tasks as a united group so that we can be useful in resolving customer issues as well as providing products and services.

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