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CDS began in 1980 as a specialist technical publishing company creating technical manuals for machine tools, and since has been making progress as a support business for manufacturing enterprises and gaining customer trust while steadily accumulating know-how.

Our company has built up three businesses in documentation, engineering, and IT solutions for engineering, each with its own unique strengths. This three-business framework allows us to provide a one-stop multi-solution service that seamlessly supports all of the processes needed in manufacturing, from the upstream development operations processes of manufacturing businesses through to downstream areas such as sales and after-sales care.

Although operations in some areas of manufacturing business processes require significant expertise, we have professionals in every field, allowing us to offer support with a high level of technical skill. None of our services could be provided without extensive knowledge of the manufacturing workplace, and our strength lies in the fact that we share insight into manufacturing with our customers.

With our corporate philosophy of "Communicating the feelings and emotions that underlie manufacturing," CDS will continue to be a partner for manufacturing businesses, offering ongoing support with a high level of added value in an effort to achieve further growth that improves the value of our business.

We hope that you will continue to work with us and support us in our goals.

代表取締役社長 柴崎 雄太
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  • 1.We will seek to be a global company.
  • 2.We will continue to acquire the latest technology.
  • 3.We will fulfill the dreams of our employees.
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