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Innovative Document Solutions

Develops document solutions such as multilingual translation, manual creation, and software and web localization.

Torindo develops a wide range of document services around a multilingual translation service in over 70 languages. In addition to our advanced expertise and wealth of experience, we provide cutting-edge solutions skillfully combined with next-generation technology, including machine translation.

Company Name Torindo Co., Ltd.
Address 6F PMO Tamachi, 5-31-17 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014, Japan
TEL +81-3-6809-5813 (main phone)
Business Description ■Creating documents for all industrial fields (Japanese and English technical writing, multilingual translation, DTP editing)
■Multilingual translation covering over 70 languages (various technical documents, medical documents, public relations documents, tourism-related documents, academic articles, etc.)
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Digital Content Solutions

Produces promotion and presentation tools in addition to creating highly-specialized manuals for audio equipment, car navigation systems, etc.

PMC has a high level of expertise in audio equipment, car navigation systems, information communication equipment and their associated services, and provides solutions for a wide range of business activities from product design support to tasks that include specification and instruction manual document creation, promotion tool creation, and industry specialist engineers and senior staff dispatch.

Company Name PMC Co., Ltd.
Address6F Sumitomo Higashi Shimbashi Bldg. 3, 1-10-14 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013, Japan
TEL +81-3-3433-3220 (main phone)
Business Description ■Planning, production, printing and sale of instruction manuals, service manuals, technical documents, and catalogs for audio equipment, video equipment, information equipment, their peripheral equipment, CD-ROM software, etc.
■Creating electronic databases for the above items, planning, production and sale of various media
■Planning, production and sale of various video-based teaching material for product introduction, technology and services
■Technical guidance and consulting incidental to the above items
■Worker dispatch
■Fee-charging employment placing
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Multilingual Translation and Software Localization

Performs multilingual translation and software localization in France to develop various documents in various languages worldwide.

SB TRADUCTION is based in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, in the heart of France, and develops localization services focused on European languages.
We provide a wide-range of support for customer activities in the European market.

Address 7 place de Jaude 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
TEL +33 473 28 99 65
Business Description ■Technical translation
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Robot and Factory Automation (FA) Engineering

We conduct "Monozukuri (manufacturing)" with robot automation systems and "Hitozukuri (human resource development)" with industrial education/vocational training materials and the digital transformation human resource education center.

The "Monozukuri (manufacturing)" robot engineering business manufactures various production equipment and machinery such as robots, factory automation systems and transport systems. "Hitozukuri (human resource development)" FA training system business manufactures and sells FA-related training systems (robots, factory automation, sequence control, etc.), and develops services that include its industrial training support services.

Company Name BYNAS Co., Ltd.
Address 917-2 Shimomiyake Hishiike, Heiwa-cho, Inazawa City, Aichi 490-1312, Japan
TEL +81-567-69-6981 (General Affairs main phone)
Business Description ■"Monozukuri (manufacturing)" robot engineering business
- Manufacturing various production equipment and machinery such as robots, factory automation systems and transport systems
- Developing various testing equipment and experimental equipment
- Developing control software such as PLC, servo drive systems and computers

■"Hitozukuri (human resource development)" FA training system business
- Manufacturing and selling factory automation-related training systems (robots, FA, sequence control, etc.
- Manufacturing and selling various industrial training systems (process systems, control experimental equipment, etc.)
- Training support services (creating practical training documents and e-learning, dispatching instructors, consulting)
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Integrated Digital Solutions

We provide IT services that underlie manufacturing in various industries, using high-quality IT skills and business knowledge cultivated in the field of automobile development.

We also support the automobile research and development field through the use of IT solutions. In addition to PLM solutions such as BOM, PDM and CAD, we provide various types of model-based development (MBD) solutions such as MBD-based development process introduction support, control design, control software development and training. Furthermore, we also use the skills and know-how we have accumulated in the automobile field to expand into the manufacturing field for aircrafts, industrial machinery, etc.

Company Name MCOR Co., Ltd.
Address 124-1 Aza Nibanwake, Kitano-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi 444-0951, Japan
TEL +81-564-32-5480 (main phone)
Business Description ■【CAD/PDM】 CATIA, design, harness, etc.
■【CAE】 Crash, strength, rigidity, flow, stable driving, etc.
■【CAT/MBD】 Crash, safety, environment, wind tunnel, engine, ECU, ITS, etc.
■【OA】 Various databases and e-mails from the engineering department
■【Technical information】BOM [Bill of Material), development and integration of cost management systems
■【Other】IT infrastructure planning, design, construction and operation (core systems, networks, intranet, collaborative software, etc.)/System integration and consultation/Hardware maintenance (EWS, PCs, servers, etc.)/Embedded software development
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