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We believe that our mission is to use document media to give shape to the ambitions of everyone who participates in product development, and communicate the ideas embodied in those products to each and every user

We are able to provide a one-stop service from the design to the production of various documents and content required in the series of processes by which our customers plan, develop, manufacture and sell their products.

Our products come in a range of forms tailored to the needs of our customers, including 3D-CAD design to give form to products, instruction manuals that accompany products when they are sold, promotional videos used for sales promotions, digital content such as e-learning materials for product training and web content, to service materials needed for repairs and maintenance.

As well as Japanese and English, we also provide translations for international use and offer multilingual localization services to support our customers' efforts to take their products to the international market.


CDS is able to offer complete support for any manufacturing process

We are able to offer customers proposals from the early stages in development when product concepts have yet to be set, and make suggestions that take account of customer needs, offering support in numerous forms. Many businesses with which we have a long-standing relationship entrust us with tasks such as the creation of internal documentation, which require speed, understanding, and trust.


Instruction manuals, service manuals

We create instruction manuals that explain how to use products in an easy-to-understand manner.
As well as Japanese and English, we enable expansion globally through multilingualization, aiming to communicate developer ideas and intentions for products accurately and simply.
In addition, one of CDS' strengths is our long track record in the industry. We are able to analyze and diagnose elements such as the structure of table of contents, written expressions, design and layout, and consult on specific proposals for improvement.
For service materials necessary for repair and maintenance, we have the know-how to create manuals that enable service staff to conduct reliable maintenance and replace parts, through reading drawings and specifications, checking the actual equipment, and conducting on-site information gathering.
We also focus on training for staff who are experts in customer products, since they need to have an accurate understanding of product structure and operating principles.

Digital content, Web/e-learning content

We are able to convert documents to digital content instead of paper.
We leverage the know-how we have gained through document creation to organize any information required in the place of our customers, supporting the entire content creation process from scenario creation and storyboarding through information collecting and editing, inserting captions and incorporating BGM.
We create digital content and web/e-learning content that combines CG illustrations, 3D animation, and video editing.
Furthermore, high-quality CG illustrations and 3D animations can be created accurately and economically by making secondary use of 3D-CAD design data.

Multilingual translation

We are capable of operating world-wide, providing multilingual translation of all documents.
In order to provide accurate translation of uncommon terms such as industrial, specialized or technical vocabulary, we operate a unique resource management and selection system in which translators with a range of backgrounds and experience are registered.
We also utilize translation assistance tools that allow us to reduce cost and standardize expressions by referring to and re-using existing translations.
We work with over 70 languages from countries around the world.

One-source/multiple uses

It becomes easier to use and reuse common parts and manage document history by dividing them according to structure and elements and managing them together in a database. This also makes it possible to automate layout production.
We are able to expand the ways documents can be used, such as web/electronic manuals and manuals built into the device. The structure and layout of the document can be changed depending on the end purpose to realize multiple uses of one source, not only paper and PDFs.


Our consultants can analyze and make improvement proposals for all kinds of customer manuals.
Do you have issues with company manuals, such as difficulty to understand, overlong text, difficulty finding information or do you receive too many support center inquiries? CDS has a long track record in manual production and can use our professional standpoint to identify issues through targeted analysis and workflow analysis, and make proposals for specific improvements as well as rules for terminology and expressions.
We will review the structure of table of contents, written expressions, design and layout to resolve issues, improve quality and make the manuals easier to read and understand.

3D-CAD design

We can plan and design a variety of equipment and jigs as well as products.
Our experts are involved in extensive product development such as industrial equipment, automobiles and factory automation equipment.
We provide support for all kinds of design operations such as equipment shape, structural design, and layout reviews, using the pioneering know-how we have accumulated and adopted.

We offer the latest and most suitable solutions for all kinds of manufacturing challenges

Experts involved in product development from a wide range of industries will provide support in all aspects of design work in the initial stages of product development, including mechanical design using 3D-CAD, equipment design, and jig design.

Manuals for products can take many different forms, from those for end users to those for sales and marketing, production processes, and service and maintenance. Each requires different information, and thus we work with our customers to identify and solve their problems.

Who are these products good for, and in what way? It is our role at CDS to think from the users' standpoint, and to communicate the intentions of our customers in a readily comprehensible, visual manner. We possess the knowledge required to talk on an equal footing with our customers, and a spirit of inquiry that prompts us to query why things happen from a common viewpoint. This allows us to offer proposals that add value and address customer problems, points that we believe have earned CDS esteem.


An operations framework that allows inquiries to be made directly from the customer site

We do not possess a sales department, nor do we have sales positions. The staff who make proposals are all leaders or personnel with responsibilities in the workplace. We provide an operations framework that allows inquiries to be made directly from the customer site, ensuring that no gap arises between CDS and our customers.
A characteristic feature of our business practices lies in how we deepen our knowledge of customers and their products through an ongoing working relationship. This allows us to help by offering advice on issues and problems without requiring the customer to re-explain everything from the start.


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