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Delivering IT solutions focused on engineering that form a platform for manufacturing

CDS group company MCOR leverages the cutting-edge technical capabilities and high-quality IT skills and know-how we have accumulated in the vehicle industry to develop IT services that will serve as a manufacturing platform for customers not only in the vehicle industry, but also in a range of other industries.

Operating in a wide variety of business domains

CDS is growing its businesses in a range of fields that include vehicles, aerospace, industrial machinery mechatronics, distribution and logistics, energy, and education.
We provide support in a broad range of areas such as precision CAE simulations for aircraft development, development of control software for factory automation machinery and home information appliances, ordering systems and delivery management systems using EDI, deployment of IT technology support and general management/monitoring systems at energy research institutions, training support for technicians using e-learning, and joint research with universities and dispatch of lecturers to educational facilities.

ADVANTAGEStrengths of Our IT Solutions for Engineering


As a provider of IT solutions, we assist manufacturing businesses in the following domains:

CDS provides the best possible IT solutions for achieving innovation in manufacturing in each industry,
and supporting the optimization of quality, efficiency, cost and safety in the manufacturing workplace.
We will continue to expand our services, always striving to construct unique IT solutions.


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