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CDS offers customers assistance with robot system development, 3D CAD design, and other endeavors in the manufacturing domain

Our engineering business utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide support in manufacturing workplaces in a broad range of industries ranging from vehicles to aircraft, and industrial equipment such as medical devices and machinery for the food industry.
Currently, our efforts to meet the needs of our customers are centered around the twin axes of factory automation (FA) robot system development and design support using 3D CAD. Of these, our work in FA robot system development is centered around the exchange of personnel and business at our engineering business headquarters, focused on one of the CDS group companies, BYNAS Co., Ltd., and is a highly synergistic operation.


CDS utilizes FA robot technology to create next-generation production systems.

The driver behind our FA robot system development, BYNAS deploys solutions in the industrial technology domain, working from two tangents: "the business of hitozukuri (human development)," and "the business of monozukuri (manufacturing)." We combine our strengths in FA robot technologies and control technologies with the 3D CAD know-how accumulated in our engineering business to design and construct production systems.

Our FA robot system development caters to a variety of manufacturing processes in industries ranging from pharmaceutical chemical producers to food product makers. CDS specializes in the systemization of high-speed transportation and sorting, and in assembly process equipment, and offers proposals for reducing the manpower involved in our customers' manufacturing processes.

Moreover, based on the achievements we have made in industrial technology training for factory automation, etc., as well as the technical know-how in controls that we have accumulated over a quarter of a century, we develop and sell "Robot Trainer" training equipment, which uses industrial robots. CDS endeavors to train industrial robot technicians and provide support for the installation of robot learning machinery.


Actively deploying unique, cutting-edge robot applications

We propose and design operational environments that match our customers' needs, and construct a diverse range of robot applications.
Our operations are not restricted to any particular industry, and in fact recently we are receiving an increasing number of requests for automation aimed not just at efficiency but at ameliorating the effects of labor shortages.

Development and sale of robot applications for the logistics and agricultural industries

CDS is engaged in research and development of "Touch-sensitive robot hands" able to grip objects without crushing or scratching them. Furthermore, we also develop robot applications for logistics processes, where automation has made little progress, and are working to implement higher level robot systems and equipment.

Constructing demonstration environments at our robot R&D center

A laboratory center suitable for operations of all kinds. CDS has constructed a dedicated booth (robot R&D center), providing a setting for people to see robots with their own eyes, and test them, allowing them to gain an impression of automated equipment installations using robots. This facility lets us evaluate entire systems in advance together with our customers, helping to improve production system quality.



Achieving more effective robot installations

In response to requests for consultation from our customers, we collaborate with BYNAS, a CDS group company, to construct order-made systems. Since we receive many requests for help from customers who do not yet have a clear vision of their own needs, saying that they are considering automating but don't know how to proceed, we begin our proposals from that area.
In many cases the process from proposal to deployment takes from six months to a year, with construction undertaken in consideration of the surrounding equipment and environment. Production of actual robot applications takes between two and three months, but we put a great deal of effort into thorough operational testing and planning of the environment in which robots are to be used, working to achieve effective installations.


CDS' strengths in robot system development (connections with BYNAS)

A pioneer possessing a high level of technical skill and know-how, boasting an extensive installation track record

At CDS, we work with BYNAS, a CDS group company, to actively develop and deploy robotic equipment and robot systems.
Designing system environments for robot equipment, and the process of assembling systems through to operations is extremely complex, and as yet there are only a few companies in Japan that specialize in this field. As a pioneer in this domain, we bring to any task the know-how and the high level of technical prowess we have accumulated, and possess an extensive installation track record.
Furthermore, we have established a dedicated booth where people can experience a sample installation and see the circumstances in which systems operate.
When discussing installation, few businesses actually have a concrete vision of how far they want to take automation, and we often advise companies when they have only a vague idea about their installation. In the course of discussions, we offer proposals for how their systems might take shape.


An expert group demonstrating technical capabilities in design and development utilizing 3D CAD

Centering on machinery design, the engineering department of our engineering business is involved in the manufacturing processes of our customers.

The strength of the engineering department lies in its personnel, who are experts in a broad range of domains including vehicles, precision machinery, and factory automation products. We make the most of the 3D CAD know-how we have accumulated as a pioneer in implementing this software, offering support for machine shape and configuration design, layout evaluation, and a range of other design work.

In addition to performing the machinery design tasks entrusted to us by our customers at our office, technical staff from CDS can also form teams to undertake design tasks in areas prepared on-site at our customers' offices. Working in close proximity to our customers allows us to respond to any requests they may have promptly.
Moreover, in addition to using 3D CAD for modeling, drafting, and analysis and simulation in a range of fields, we can also act as a technology group able to provide consulting on design standardization and training for technical staff.



CDS' strengths in 3D CAD design/modeling services

A group of technicians able to provide support in any area of operations

CDS makes proposals based on in-depth investigations into the needs of our customers.
We are able to provide a variety of forms of assistance, including staff both on contract and on a temporary staff basis, offering development, design, and support for products in a variety of domains, including vehicles, electrical machinery, and factory automation. Our strength at CDS lies in how we puts the techniques and know-how that we have accumulated to use in many different areas, and in the fact that as a result of the successes that these efforts have produced, we have a group of technicians able to provide support in any area of operations.

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